Getting your Summer Parties and Events promoted through imagery

With the summer here and of course, the almighty month of PRIDE, it is hard to get the proper promotion with so many event options. Back in 2006/2007 when I was dabbling in promotions and myspace was a baby, bringing party goers to the latest event was a simple as meeting them and text the time and location. Now with so many social sites and new apps being born everyday it is hard to make the right decision without going bankrupt first. So what to do?

Well first of all free advertising is only as good as creepy strangers on craigslist.  But a true event and party promoter knows that “they will come” if you give them what they want. So what do your guests want?

In the age of everything as quick as 3 and 4G people want to know what party is hot which has created businesses like BAR SPY. These type of businesses show LIVE cctv camera shots at parties while there happening so you know if its a spot you want to go to or not. Though this is good to bring in a last minute party goer on their smart phone, what brings them back or gives you an alternate way to make money after the party is over?

Picture,pictures, pictures. pictures and video! Everyone uses twitter, facebook, mysoace, linkendin, google+1 and other social outlets for what? To see updates and images along with video. Social media would be nothing without images. If you want to bring new part goers and have your patrons promote your party for free you have to get them to make you party “viral”. Yea I know it sounds bad –  but this is only thing contagious you want!

At our studio we provide a service that will promote your event and make you a “after” profit. It is quite simple. Whether you have a once a year, month or weekly party you can book us to come and photograph your party at its hottest time period or night.

During the event we will send a series of images and/or video straight to multiple online social sites. Then we will continue photograph your party with professional DSLR cameras that also have HDR video. The images will then be put on a image gallery website for your party goers. Every time we photograph a person they will get a small card that will direct them to the site once they sober up. 🙂   On the site they guest will have the option to purchase prints, download them and share them on their personal social site accounts. By them sharing, like a domino effect your party will be seen by thousands! If they decide to purchase you will receive 5% back on all items sold.

What does it cost you? This is the best part of all! We only charge a $35 fee (covers travel gas, tolls, parking) to go to your event along with all cover charges waived. Unlike other photographers who charge $50 an hour and make you do all the uploading yourself, we help you make your business grow.

If interested in these services you can call me at 866-930-5444 or 718-536-7011 to reserve us for your next event!


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